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MSL can provide an ESOS assessment and deliver a range of energy efficient measures including lighting and voltage optimisation solutions.

We are an evolving force in the delivery of facilities management services. We have experience in the design, supply and installation of new energy saving lighting systems in commercial, industrial, retail and many other sectors. We can also upgrade your existing lighting system giving you a more energy efficient lighting solution.

Our lighting partner, Lumilow Lighting, is one of the UK’s most innovative lighting technology companies. However, they are not in the business of selling you lighting, they’re in the business of delivering light.

Please find below the number of different sectors in which we are able to provide specialised lighting services, including;



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ESOS Services


The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is a mandatory energy assessment and energy saving identification scheme for large undertakings (and their corporate groups).

ESOS applies to large UK undertakings that employs at least 250 people, or has an annual turnover in excess of 50 million euros and an annual balance sheet in excess of 43 million euros.

The initial deadline of December 2015 has long gone and even the extended deadline of 15th April 2016 is behind us but figures from the Environment Agency show that still approximately 1,200 businesses caught by the ESOS legislation remain non-compliant. These businesses are expected to come under investigation by a dedicated enforcement team.

We provide an ESOS service and can arrange for a registered “Lead Assessor” to carry out an ESOS assessment in line with the ESOS Regulations 2014. Organisations that qualify lawfully must carry out ESOS assessments every 4 years. These assessments are audits of the energy used by their buildings and transport, to identify cost-effective saving measures.

Participants are not required to implement energy efficiency recommendations identified by their ESOS Assessments. However, they will only achieve the financial benefits that arise from avoiding energy waste, if they do implement cost-effective recommendations identified.


Commercial Lighting


We have experience in the design, supply and installation of new energy saving lighting systems within a commercial context that can help you to achieve step-changes in staff wellbeing, thanks to a perfectly lit working environment.

Reducing glare in an office environment is critical if you want to keep your staff healthy and fit for work. Our expertise has shown that indirect light is good for reducing glare – so our solutions are sympathetic to this approach. We can also provide controls-based solutions to help overcome ‘the people problem’; lights are ‘on’ when needed and switched off or dimmed when occupancy is reduced


Industrial Lighting


Our ranges of Industrial LED, induction and fluorescent lighting are all designed to reduce the time spent maintaining your lights – thus allowing you more time to be productive.

When you’re making things, we understand that maintaining your lights is both a necessity and a burden. Your lights could be mounted over machinery, making access difficult. We typically suggest that our range of high and low bay luminaires, IP65 luminaires and LED amenity lighting would be best for you due to their exceptional life expectancy.

LED lighting is generally the most cost-effective industrial lighting solution. This industry demands for long working hours and bright lighting, particularly in large warehouses, making regular light bulbs an extremely expensive option.

Health and safety is vital in industrial environments, having the correct lighting supply will give you that peace of mind by improving the safety of your business, preventing accidents from happening and making it a more comfortable workplace.


Retail Lighting


Customer experience is everything and our recessed and surface mounted luminaries are designed to show your products in the best possible light. Retailers can be strategic when choosing the lighting for their store, different lights can create different shopping experiences.

With Lumilow products, you’ll never need to compromise on light quality over efficiency. What’s more, we can help you have some fun with your store lighting to create drama, maximise customer experience and guide shoppers around your store enticing shoppers to consider items that they would not necessarily have purchased before.

Find out how we can help your retail business benefit from a powerful commercial combination: perfect illumination, low maintenance and energy efficiency.


Warehouse Lighting


Our lighting solutions for industrial applications are entirely designed for purpose, have long lamp-life (keeping those maintenance bills to an all-time minimum) and meet all current HSE rules and regulations.

Aisles and open spaces of warehouses, storage facilities and distribution centres require sufficient illumination from lighting such that stored items can be easily identified, staff and vehicles can navigate through aisles safely and minimise the risk of accidents and damage.

Whatever you need in the way of warehouse lighting, we have lighting experts that will find your business the best solution. Why not stress-test our ranges of LED, induction and fluorescent technologies and associated lighting controls? You’ll benefit from industry-leading comprehensive warranty packages too.


Sports Lighting


We offer lighting solutions for the leisure industry that deliver maximum energy efficiency, maximum lamp-life and minimum maintenance.

LED lighting doesn’t give off as much heat as other lights, meaning further energy savings could be made through reduced use of air conditioning systems. Lack of heat is especially beneficial and much more enjoyable for your leisure participants, particularly those in a fitness or sport setting.

As well as creating a safer, enjoyable atmosphere for your visitors and staff, LED lighting can complement your property whilst making the most of space and natural light.

Our LED floodlights and lanterns are ‘pitch-perfect’ for sports and leisure centre car parks – where safety after dark is a prime concern – whilst our IP65 luminaires are ideal for changing facilities.


Horticulture Lighting


Our range of lighting products for the horticultural sector are designed to help reduce your lighting energy, keep maintenance to a minimum, make your nursery or market garden more productive.

LED lighting will help optimise your growth systems for sustainable crop cultivation, all year round. We can help find you the best solution, sourcing and installing the best horticulture lighting for faster growth, bigger harvests and higher quality plants.

For harsh environments, our LED high bays and LED IP65 ranges are ideal. Our floodlights can even be tuned to enhance the growth of plants.


Agriculture Lighting


Good quality agricultural lighting is essential, lights must be kept on overnight to work as a deterrent from potential criminals, however running costs can be expensive. LED lights can reduce these costs and maximise profit margins, as well as making the environment safer for your workers not to mention making their job much easier.

Research from Michigan State University has shown that LED lights increase milk yield by 8%, meaning that they’re not just energy efficient but they can also help increase production. What’s not to like about that?

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs has a grant available through their Countryside Productivity Scheme for up to £35,000 towards the installation of LED Lighting. This can fund up to 40% of the total cost of the installation.

Our LED lights can be controlled at set times, so you save energy whilst improving the wellbeing and quality for your livestock. Designed to withstand the harshest of elements, our LED IP65 ranges are robust, energy efficient and reduce your maintenance burden.


School Lighting


Education settings should give an impression of liveliness, with attractive and inspiring spaces. We make sure that every student in your school or college is able to learn in an environment that is perfectly lit and optimised for learning.

The quality of schools lighting couldn’t be more important. We help to maximise pupil ‘experience’ and productivity through specially optimised school lighting solutions. We reduce glare – especially with the increasing use of ICT equipment – and ensure classrooms are enhanced for learning. And, outside, our LED floodlights can help to keep students and staff feeling safe after dark whilst on school grounds.

It’s important that once the correct lighting has been installed, that the quality of light is maintained for the benefit of pupils and staff. We can propose a maintenance strategy to organise regular checks and ensure your school continues to uphold its high standards.


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