LED Light bulb

Did you know there’s a whole host of lighting options out there for your business – whether that’s a warehouse, an office or something entirely unique – and what’s more, the option you choose can impact on your wallet as well as your employees’ moods. Take a look at our top ten reasons why LED lighting could benefit your business.


  1. Cost Effective

 We understand that all businesses aim to be cost effective, by investing in LED lighting you could be able to reduce your lighting bill by at least 50% immediately. With those savings, you have the opportunity to focus your resources on more critical areas of your businesses.


  1. Improve Productivity

LED lighting can create a better working environment for employees; with lighting being a key component of vision, there’s no wonder how poor lighting could affect a workers performance. By updating your lighting system, not only will this improve moods and increase energy levels, they’ll also increase your employee’s productivity.


  1. Energy Efficient

New inventions have transformed the lighting industry and changed our workplaces for the better. You can direct LED lights in specific areas to increase efficiency even more and use dimming functionality when full light isn’t necessary. For example, when you’re in the workplace bright and early.


  1. Safety

It may seem obvious, but the better a workplace is lit, the safer it is. Specific workplaces such as factories and production lines, where workers need to see with good detail, will really benefit from LED lighting. Creating a well-lit environment is crucial; LED lights will ensure a brighter area and in turn a better, much safer workplace.


  1. No maintenance

LED lights are designed to work efficiently and never require maintenance; the majority of LED lights are backed with fantastic warranties, saving your business time and money if any unlikely problems do occur.


  1. They give the WOW factor

 It’s always great to make a big impression when you have visitors. You can instantly create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere with innovative LED lighting especially for your key external clients.


  1. Live for longer

 Many LED lights have a rated life of up to 50,000 hours, which is much longer than an average halogen or CFL. LEDs can be used 12 hours a day and will last more than 11 years. So although it may be more expensive initially, purchasing LED lighting is an instant investment.


  1. Workplace Morale

Lighting is often overlooked when it comes to employee health and wellbeing in the workplace even though it plays a key part in maintaining a positive working environment. LED lighting has been proven to provide a healthier and happier workplace.


  1. Efficiency

 With employees walking in and out of the workplace throughout the day, you may be concerned about the amount of times lights are switched on and off. With alternative lighting you can shorten their lifespan by flicking the switch often. This is not the case with LEDS.


  1. Environmentally Friendly

 If the previous 9 reasons weren’t enough, LED lights are effectively saving the planet by producing low CO2 emissions so will help you reduce your carbon footprint across your business.