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Businesses today need efficient and effective systems that provide better functionality and transparency to the running of their business. CMMS, or computerised maintenance management systems allow users to keep a record of all assets and equipment, schedule and track maintenance activities and keep a record of all works performed. CMMS has come a long way since punch-card systems to manage work orders and systems to make your work more efficient and effective have never been easier to use.

That is why MSL has developed inSYNC®. An integrated facilities management system that provides you with greater control, transparency whilst making your end to end job process more time and cost efficient. inSYNC® is a suite of facilities management tools that includes a site portal, customer management portal, customer wallboard, supplier portal and a service delivery App. Developing our own CMMS allows users a simple and efficient link between our facilities management tools and the day-to-day running of their businesses due to its ability to show how users are spending their maintenance budget and how MSL are performing in relation to this.


The customer management portal lets users log job and quote requests online and allows photos or videos to accompany these to assist the triage process. Designed for head office property maintenance departments as well as regional or area managers to enable users to track works in progress, produce KPI reports and management information through the integrated reporting suite. All works can be tracked to completion and enable users to add comments and receive help from the MSL helpdesk when needed. On completion of a job, a satisfaction survey can be sent direct to site giving instant customer feedback. Compliance maintenance records and asset registers are easily accessible and you can view and download compliance certificates.

The customer wallboard is a unique and efficient way to view in the moment, live, real-time works that are logged and completed. The wallboard allows users to see high priority and critical works alongside being able to follow the changes in works as they happen. This allows the user a continuous view of their overall estate compliance.


Simple to use and fit for purpose. Our site portal can be tailored to users specific requirements. The site portal is developed for individual site managers and has a range of different features suited to your needs. Users can log and quote job requests online, track ongoing works and add comments, notes and questions to works. You can easily view your spend via simple to use graphs as well as download compliance certificates. The site portal is a really easy to use, overall view of your property.

The supplier portal is the portal for supply delivery partners who need to track, update and manage all their works in progress. The clear and simple dashboard enables users to prioritise jobs, manage their work schedule, use location maps to manage work and add ETA’s to tasks. To allow up-to-date, real-time progress reports MSL have also developed the service delivery App. The App has seamless integration with the inSYNC® database allowing true 24/7 real-time updates including upload of photos directly from the site.