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Hospitality facilities management services tailored to your needs


Improve Your Customers’ Experience


In the hospitality industry, customer experience is key. Facilities, and by extension facilities management, in hospitality are vital in ensuring customers have a pleasant stay or visit and a positive first impression. Something as simple as air conditioning can entirely alter a client’s view of your establishment and so it is essential everything, down to the smallest detail, is taken care of to ensure their comfort. With us behind you, this will never be an issue.

It’s no secret that hospitality can be a saturated sector, with new restaurants, bars and hotels opening all the time it is essential to keep up to the standards and demands. A clean, functioning and well-kept location is what will set you apart from your competitors and we can help you achieve this.


Give Yourself Peace of Mind


“Hospitality is a demanding 24/7 business. Trust a facilities management company like MSL to be there 24/7 taking care of the day-to-day so you can focus on your customers.”


In addition to general maintenance tasks required, hospitality is heavily regulated in order to keep customers safe. A dependable compliance maintenance service is important in keeping your business operating within the law from fire safety to security. We can assist you so that you don’t have to worry about each and every regulation.


Lower the Risk of a Shutdown


Downtime is the last thing you want in hospitality. Having to shut down a hotel due to critical equipment failure would mean hundreds, even thousands, of guests would have to leave or reschedule their stay leading to a huge loss in revenue and a whole host of unhappy customers. Similarly, restaurant shutdowns would lead to a large loss of revenue and many diners having cancelled reservations.


A planned preventative maintenance schedule ensures this doesn’t happen. We will design and implement this for you, outside of opening hours or when most convenient to ensure expensive issues are prevented rather than resolved.


Should the worst happen, MSL are on hand 24/7 with our reactive maintenance team to assist and get you back up on running as soon as possible. We’re there to help make any replacements or repairs as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.


Health and Safety


It goes without saying health and safety in hospitality is paramount. Failure to comply with relevant health and safety legislation endangers employees and customers and can land you in serious legal trouble facing large fines and even a trip to court. Remaining compliant is essential in any business – but, especially in hospitality when you have a large amount of footfall in your hotel or restaurant.


Your facilities management programme should therefore include compliance maintenance, MSL can help ensure you are compliant with all relevant regulations including electrical, fire, gas, water, asbestos and air-conditioning.


Extend the Lifespan of Your Facility


Having an in-depth facilities management programme which includes planned, reactive and compliance maintenance can help extend the lifespan of your facility. A planned maintenance schedule can help by ensuring that maintenance tasks are carried out proactively, you can help reduce your chances of large-scale breakdowns and costly repairs – all of which help ensure your facility lasts longer.


MSL Property Care Services can help with all your hospitality facilities management needs – from planned and reactive maintenance to compliance maintenance and hygiene services. Get in touch today to find out more about how MSL can help your hospitality business.


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MSL’s foundations to a robust facilities management service include: