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Best Companies b-heard Survey

MSL are delighted with the progression made in the levels of engagement measured through the b-heard survey of staff over the last 3 years.

In 2019 MSL were the 31st (2018 41st) Best Company to work for in Yorkshire & The Humber. The results reflect the investment made in engagement, empowerment and the training & development of staff.

Where did it all Start?

In 2016 MSL started a journey to become a great company to work for and set about identifying the vision and values of the company and putting in place the structures to realise our objective.

“Whilst recognising that the company’s success and the personal development and engagement of our people are interdependent, I put equal value on leading a company that contributes to the well-being and development of our people as an end in itself.” (Jeremy Harrison, Managing Director).

In order to obtain a progress report as to employee engagement, we engaged with Best Companies Ltd to run their independent survey (Times 100 Best Companies Survey). The results provided a benchmark and the focus to build on the work started in 2016.

We were delighted though in our 1st-year survey to be recognised as a Best Company “One to Watch” for 2017 which has given us the encouragement that we are moving in the right direction to achieve our goal.

Vision & Values

During 2016 all employees of MSL took part in an ongoing review of the company’s vision and its values.

“We felt it was important to re-assess our vision, ensuring that it was a clear statement of intent to which all our people could contribute to its achievement. Whilst reviewing our people values in parallel it became clearly apparent that both vision and values should be wholly aligned” (Jeremy Harrison, Managing Director).

All employees were involved in a consultative process together with our trading partners including major customers. There were many ideas put forward!


So what did we come up with?


And why RESPECTED? We concluded that RESPECT has to be earned by providing excellent service – professionally and with integrity. Importantly all our people can play a part to make that happen – it’s about making a difference, going the extra mile.

Respect is also what we expect from each other and from our company and links directly with the cornerstone to our core people values.

We are committed to working towards achieving our vision by adhering to our people values on a daily basis. Just to make sure that this has not just been an academic exercise consigned to the bottom drawer we have a few timely reminders around the building:


And a timely reminder for our MD in his office!