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Education facilities management services tailored to your needs


We understand that maintenance issues in educational facilities, such as loss of power or water, can have a devastating impact on day to day activity, meaning children may have to be sent home or major rescheduling of faculty timetables.

This is why a planned and preventative maintenance schedule tailored to your exact needs is essential. We will perform tasks at times which cause the least disruption, both during and outside of terms time as well as day or night, and work to your budget to ensure your facility is running effectively. Reactive maintenance teams can be on hand to deal with unexpected issues and we have a range of hygiene, security and energy services to ensure your educational facility is clean, secure and sustainable.


Helping You and Your Students to Succeed


In higher education the faculty facilities are one of the key draws in attracting students to the institution and thus can have a huge impact on financial performance. Ultimately, both teachers and students need the best possible surroundings for teachers to get the best out of their students and students to achieve their potential.

Our education facilities management team works seamlessly with your institute, on hand 24/7, ensuring and managing the effective running of your facilities so that you and your staff can focus on achieving your goals and those of your students.


Keeping Staff and Students Safe


Educational facilities see a huge amount of footfall and therefore it is essential the facilities be maintained to the highest of standards – in terms of health and safetyhygiene as well as general facility maintenance and management.

Health and safety, now more than ever, is one of the biggest concerns in education in order to keep staff and students safe as well as facilities open. We have dedicated compliance maintenance teams which can help ensure your facility meets all the requirements for certain health and safety regulations – from performing risk assessments to mitigating those risks and helping you avoid any accidents and subsequent legal and financial troubles.


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MSL’s foundations to a robust facilities management service include: