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Manufacturing and warehouse facilities management services tailored to your needs

Factory and warehouse facilities management is one of the most complex and is incredibly important to help the manufacturing industry avoid costly breakdowns and repairs. The manufacturing industry suffers greatly from machine and facility downtime, largely due to the complex and expensive equipment used within the industry. Facilities management is therefore incredibly important to ensure this equipment and the fabric of the building are well-maintained in order to prevent costly repairs and shutdowns and to assist should they unexpectedly happen. This is why a flexible maintenance programme can assist.

A planned maintenance schedule will help to ensure any issues with the facility, or its equipment is spotted ahead of any major complications and will help maintain them to ensure longer life and quality. These maintenance tasks can be performed flexibly around the business needs, reducing employee and business downtime. Paired with a reactive maintenance strategy, which will help should the unexpected happen – getting you back up and running as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible, this schedule will help maintain facility quality, reduce business downtime and fit your budget. Additional services such as compliance maintenance, hygiene and energy services are also available within our warehouse and industrial facilities management services.


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MSL’s foundations to a robust facilities management service include: