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Facilities management services tailored to the needs of the public sector

Facilities management is fundamental in keeping essential services available to the public. MSL have years of experience across a vast range of industries providing property care and building maintenance services on a nationwide level applicable to both central and local government requirements.


Seamlessly Integrated


At MSL we understand that the requirements of different areas of the public sector will have different requirements. This is why we tailor our public sector facilities management services to you. Within the public sector, providing a cost-effective service and working within budget is crucial to ensuring value for money on providing services. Public expenditure can change drastically and so our tailor-made services fit within your budget whilst always ensuring the highest standards.

We will create a tailored planned maintenance schedule to ensure your facilities are always kept in the best working order avoiding expensive downtime and repair– from general maintenance tasks to roofing and pest control. Each programme is specific to the needs of the buildings and services.


On Hand 24/7


In addition, our reactive maintenance teams and our maintenance hotline are on hand 24/7 to assist with any unexpected breakages or breakdowns, ensuring they are fixed quickly with minimum disruption.


Compliance Management


In addition to legislation applied to private businesses and individuals the public sector must hold itself accountable to an increasing number of rules and regulations. Working with a facilities management company such as MSL can ensure your facilities remain compliant with all relevant legislation.


A Trusted Partnership


Government services and by association service providers and contractors must hold themselves to incredibly high standards. At MSL we are committed to corporate social responsibility and making a positive difference to the communities we work within.

In addition to this, we also hold our own subcontractors to sharing our values as an ethical and trustworthy business. This is implemented through our MSL Safepartner Scheme, which is a member of the SSIP (Safety Schemes in Procurement) forum.


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MSL’s foundations to a robust facilities management service include: