Your Roof Maintenance Checklist

| Health & Safety

You can never be too wary when it comes to protecting your property or business, and after experiencing some of the worst weather the UK has seen in years, it’s never been more essential to be prepared for the worst. Regularly checking your roof is essential to help prevent unnecessary repairs or replacements. In real […]

How to Make Sure Your Fire Safety is Up to Scratch

| Health & Safety

Fire Safety Image

As a business owner, you will be highly aware of the importance of protecting your property, not only keeping the building and its contents secure, but also creating an environment that your staff and clients can feel completely safe within. Whilst burglary, vandalism and fraud are all possible threats, a fire can be completely devastating, destroying […]

Maintenance Planning- How to Create an Effective Planned Maintenance Schedule

| Health & Safety

Planned Maintenance Schedule

Planned or preventative maintenance refers to taking a proactive approach to the maintenance of your facility. Being proactive helps to ensure that smaller issues are identified before they escalate meaning there is less possibility of business downtime and breakdowns, saving you time and money. Here, we will explore just some of the many benefits of […]

Hygiene Changes in the Workplace Post Lockdown

| Health & Safety, Industry news


The post lockdown world is going to be very different to how we remember it. As shops begin to open, people return to offices and the hospitality sector has been allowed to reopen there are going to be many changes put in place when it comes to hygiene. Similar to the changes we have seen […]

RIDDOR – what you need to know

| Health & Safety

RIDDOR accident report

Although at the time of writing this, the 2020 report has yet to be released; in 2018/19 there were 69,208 injuries to employees reported, compared to 71,062 in the previous year. Now, whilst these statistics indicate a steady downward trend, the 2018/19 figure still equates to an estimated 4.7 million working days that were lost […]

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