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It is widely acknowledged that asbestos is a dangerous material and, if found, should be removed promptly and safely from a building by a fully qualified professional. However, what is less known is that there are several misconceptions regarding asbestos, which, if believed, could have dangerous consequences. In this blog, we shall bust those myths, […]

The Best Way To Remove Asbestos

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Asbestos is a natural mineral imported from Canada, Russia and South Africa. Due to its strength, cost and heat & fire resistant properties, asbestos was added to thousands of different types of building materials. This was, until it was discovered that asbestos was toxic and exposure to it could result in several serious diseases. It […]

MSL Recommission Fire Extinguishers

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As part of the Property Care Service MSL offer, we also undertake some slightly ‘bespoke’ items of work. The fire extinguishers and blankets pictured below were recently removed from a client store – all of which will be recommissioned to other stores in the area. The store was closing down and the building no longer […]

Is Facility Management Critical To Infection Control?

| Health & Safety

In short, the answer is yes! Facility management plays a huge role in reducing the possibility of infection within any facility. With an ever increasing risk of infections, the need to employ active infection control techniques is paramount. Not only should a facility use on-the-spot infection control, such as designated hand sanitiser stations, but how […]

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