Facilities Management Tips for Maintaining a Large Warehouse

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Inefficiencies in managing your warehouse can have a detrimental effect on your business output and cost you a great amount of money in the long run. This is why effectively managing a warehouse is such an important part of business. A well-managed and maintained warehouse will be far more productive, efficient and cost-effective ensuring you […]

What is the Role of a Facilities Management Company?

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A facilities manager is a vital role within any organisation. Every business needs to run as efficiently as possible, not only in order to provide the best service for their clients and end users, but also to ensure the business is profitable. The role of a facility manager is to cast an eye over the entire facility, […]

Hygiene Changes in the Workplace Post Lockdown

| Health & Safety, Industry news


The post lockdown world is going to be very different to how we remember it. As shops begin to open, people return to offices and the hospitality sector has been allowed to reopen there are going to be many changes put in place when it comes to hygiene. Similar to the changes we have seen […]

What Are The Best Times of Year to Perform Planned Maintenance Tasks?

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A planned maintenance schedule is the best way to ensure your facility remains in working order all year round; it helps to avoid costly repairs whilst saving you and your employees time and money. Whilst there are a range of planned maintenance tasks which can and should be done year-round, some are more applicable to […]

How Will Different Industries Rely on Facilities Management to Reopen

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As the UK Covid-19 lockdown eases, many businesses are looking to reopen and many already have began the process. Across different industries there are going to be a variety of different requirements prior to reopening. In a lot of these circumstances, facilities management  services will be necessary. In order to ensure a successful and safe […]

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