CCTV image outside Glass Building

You can never be too safe when it comes to protecting your business. By taking the right precautions, you’ll be able to prevent any possible threats such as burglary, theft, vandalism and fraud.

Here are 5 tips to safeguarding your business and how MSL can help.

Access control

An access control system not only prevents risks such as theft and vandalism, it also helps you meet your duty of care towards employees and anyone else authorised on your premises.

What we can do…

Whatever service you require, our fully trained workers are able to fit and/or maintain your access control system. Our bespoke solutions are tailored to your business needs; we will make sure to have an in-depth understanding of your situation, risk and requirements before fitting or checking your access control system.


CCTV will protect you, cut costs and provide crucial evidence if ever required in court. The importance of having a CCTV system is recognised and understood by most businesses and there is a growing requirement for CCTV security in the residential market too.

What we can do…

Based on a detailed description and assessment of your business needs, we can design, install and maintain a bespoke digital CCTV protection system. Our state of the art CCTV cameras will pan, tilt and zoom, and not only that – they can even handle facial recognition. These can be connected to many devices from your desktop computers to your smartphones and tablets, making the way you view and store your CCTV activity extremely flexible.

Our services can also include monitoring your CCTV feed after hours by dialling into your cameras over a secure internet connection, so you can return home from work with a peace of mind.


It’s all well and good having CCTV and other security systems fitted, but what use is it if they’re not being monitored 24/7? Monitoring adds the vital touch to your security system.

What we can do…

We can provide a handful of monitoring services, and offer a range of bespoke monitoring solutions to suit any business. We offer a wide range of bespoke monitoring solutions to suit your business needs. We can install and/or maintain for monitoring vulnerable staff and clients; premises and facilities; software and hardware data centres and server rooms; lifts; heating, air conditioning and freezing systems; CCTV systems, fire and intruder alarms and more.

LED security lighting

There is a whole host of lighting options for your business, however LED security lighting have a number of benefits, such as providing a cost-effective deterrent to unauthorised intrusion.

What we can do…

We have our very own design team who can tailor a lighting plan for your business and advise you as to what you need and where.

Road and perimeter automation systems

Once you’re all set indoors, it’s important to protect your outer boundaries to deter and delay intruders coming in from the outside.

What we can do…

We can lower your risk of intrusion with our progressive security and traffic-management solutions; they will help to protect your premises and physical assets as well as your employees and any legitimate visitors.

You can find out more about our range of security services here, or if you would prefer to have a chat with our customer service team, get in touch today!