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Whilst most businesses will spend time focusing on customer satisfaction and profit margins, there is an aspect of any business that many of us can be guilty of overlooking, security. Employing the correct security solutions within your company will not only ensure that your business is protected but will also help keep your profits healthy as risk of burglary or vandalism are reduced and so hefty, unscheduled pay-outs are minimised.


  1. CCTV


CCTV not only acts as a deterrent to potential thieves and vandals but if any issues do occur, the video footage can be used as evidence to help catch and convict the criminals. Additionally, installing CCTV can help lower your insurance premiums significantly.


At MSL we offer state of the art digital protection, which we will design, install and maintain for you. Our CCTV is highly sophisticated and is able to handle face recognition as well as license plate recognition, if needed. We also provide flexibility in the way you view and store footage e.g. we can link the system to your desktop, smartphones and tablets. Depending on the set up you require, we are also able to offer you remote monitoring so your CCTV feed is looked after even outside of office hours. 


  1. Manned Guarding


For some businesses, knowing that there is a person on the ground protecting staff, visitors, premises and stock, gives that extra peace of mind.  They are highly trained individuals who are able to deal with any situation. You may choose to have a guard during office hours, to ensure the correct people are entering the building, or perhaps a guard who patrols when the office is closed, deterring any burglars or vandals from entering the premises.


MSL will design a guarding solution tailored specifically to your business by completing a threat survey which will identify your greatest risks. We are also able to access current and historic security and policing data in your area which add additional information to help guide our approach to your guarding needs. MSL can include emergency response support if needed.   


  1. Access Control


Having full control over who is entering and leaving your premises is key to feeling secure. Installing an access control system allows you to have full knowledge of the comings and goings of your business, as well as ensuring that only authorised personnel have access. You can also choose to use this access system to have a 360-degree knowledge of your employees’ time keeping by incorporating time and attendance software. This software monitors what time your staff enter and leave the building.


At MSL, we are able to fit and maintain any type of access control system you require, from basic coded entry access to the more sophisticated biometric access which incorporates fingerprint or palm-reading technology.


  1. LED Security Lighting


Well-placed lights provide a fantastic, cost-effective deterrent to any would-be intruders. There are different options available depending on the level of security you require, as well as the location of your premises. For instance, you may decide that a reactive system is right for you. Reactive lighting is triggered whenever anything comes within range, making it ideal for the exterior of buildings. Or you might need extra lighting to help support your CCTV cameras and ensure that you are getting the clearest footage possible.


MSL can supply and install any lighting system you require, ensuring that your business is kept protected and secure.


  1. Road and Perimeter Security Systems


Whilst having security on your property is essential, installing protection on the outer boundaries of your premises can offer an extra level of support. This can come in a variety of forms including; electronic gates and barriers, rising bollards, automated road-blockers and turnstile gates.


MSL will fully assess your premises and location and install the perimeter systems that works best for you.


  1. Monitoring


Having all the security systems in the world can mean nothing if they are not being monitored. Whether it is 24 hours or just out-of-hours monitoring, knowing that someone is watching over your staff and premises is worth its weight in gold. This can come in especially handy when you have lone or vulnerable workers, such as in a hospital or social care settings.


MSL provides 24/7/365 CCTV and intruder alarm monitoring which link directly to the police and fire services, as well as being able to supply your staff with GPS tracking personal alarms.