Regulatory compliance refers to an organisation’s adherence to laws, regulations, and specifications relevant to its business. Often set by governmental agencies or governing bodies for the applicable industry, these regulations ensure that everything within a company’s facility are up to British Standards and that your business is deemed safe for you, your staff and your customers.

Why Compliance Maintenance

Regular compliance maintenance is required to ensure that your facility is staying within the law and adhering to the legislations set in place to ensure a safe place of work. Implementing regular checks on your compliance means locating any problems which could breach legislation, and amending them quickly.

Failure to adhere to the laws and guidelines set in regulatory compliance can result in endangering your employees and clients and can lead to large fines and even court proceedings.

Electrical Compliance

Electrical legislation compliance includes things such as portable appliance testing and microwave emission testing, amongst other things. The Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 requires all systems to be maintained in a manner that will prevent danger.

Fire Safety

The Fire Safety Order 2005 places the responsibility of fire safety firmly on the business manager or owner. All fire safety equipment must comply with British Standards and includes things such as; fire alarm systems, emergency lighting systems and risk assessments.

Gas Safety

Similarly, it is duty of the users of gas systems to ensure they are safe for use. This includes having regular services and inspections which must be carried out by a registered Gas Safe Engineer. Gas safety checks include; gas safety inspection and certification, gas appliance servicing and maintenance and energy surveys.

Water Regulations

There is a statutory duty to control the risk of the bacteria in water systems, and sampling can be carried out alongside risk assessments and audits to control the risk of legionella. It is important to ensure your water systems are checked and are safe for use.


Any asbestos in the workplace must be identified, managed and controlled. Sometimes removal is required, although often it just needs to be managed effectively. Staff working in a building with asbestos also must be trained to deal with it and notified of its presence.

Compliance Team

Following compliance rules can be costly in terms of infrastructure and personnel, as companies may have to spend in order to be compliant. It can also be difficult to understand and implement all regulatory compliance within your business as there are a huge variety of laws and guidelines that business’s must adhere to.

It can be helpful and time-saving to employ someone to look after your regulatory compliance. This means as a business owner you do not have to worry about the legal or financial implications of being non-compliant or concern yourself with maintenance tasks. A compliance maintenance team will ensure regular checks are taken in line with your compliance schedule and will ensure that everything within the fabric of your building is safe and within the law.

MSL provides a high-quality compliance maintenance service to many high profile businesses. We can provide detailed and comprehensive compliance services to ensure that your business complies with every regulatory law it needs to. Our maintenance management system also means you have a complete 360 view of all compliance maintenance task that are being completed. To discuss out compliance maintenance program, contact us on 0333 1234450