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Good and efficient facilities management has a number of benefits, as you’re sure to know. Many of these benefits are obvious – such as improved health and safety, longevity of equipment, lower risk of shutdown and better cost effectiveness. However, beyond these are other less obvious benefits – such as employee and productivity benefits.

A lot of research has been conducted which suggests an environment can have a direct impact on employee productivity – but, even more than that facilities management can have an effect on other areas of employees’ days such as improved social interaction.

In order to understand how facilities management can impact employee productivity, wellbeing and motivation we need to consider the various aspects of FM which contribute to productivity and motivation.

Modern Technology

One of the most important things for employees to effectively do their work is to have the right technology – if employees are struggling with slow programmes, or ineffective systems they won’t be productive. This is not only due to technical barriers slowing them down but also because they will become bored, frustrated and impatient.

Good facilities management means you will have employed the right technologies for your business – from the most up to date computers to the latest systems and programmes for your industry. Effective, state of the art technology is well worth the investment and ensuring you use the most up to date systems will help excite employees and encourage them to continue doing their best work.

Cleanliness and Hygiene

Keeping a clean and hygienic workplace is essential to employee productivity, motivation and health. Employees don’t want to work in an unclean workplace – not only is it distracting but it is also damaging to their motivation – if their workplace can’t be kept clean they aren’t going to perform their best for their employer. From things as simple as emptying the bins – hygiene is key.

Good facilities management will help to ensure scheduled cleans go ahead as well as options to add sanitising stations and signs to remind other employees to make their hygiene a priority also – especially in the current climate hygiene is incredibly important so reminders to wash and/or sanitise hands regularly is key.


Employee comfort and satisfaction has a direct impact on productivity – chairs or desks which cause discomfort are not only going to cause problems in the long term but employees who are not comfortable are not going to do their best work. From adding sit/stand desks to encourage movement to purchasing ergonomic chairs for ultimate comfort and support – employees will be grateful for comfort being a priority.

Uncomfortable workplaces are not only a cause for distraction but can also reduce motivation and satisfaction at work – putting your employees’ comfort and happiness first will help to ensure they feel appreciated and cared for.

Health and Wellbeing

Many of the above points have a direct impact on employee health and wellbeing however there are other things employers can do to have a positive effect on employee health and wellbeing. Part of effective facilities management is to improve the workplace in a variety of ways – adding things such as water coolers, coffee machines and vending machines is part of that. Placing a variety of vending machines, with healthy snacks, around the workplace is a great way to encourage healthy eating – whilst also providing a place for employees to socialise and interact, another key part of employee satisfaction and happiness at work.

Whilst all of the above may not be at the forefront of your mind when you think of facilities management however they are all small aspects of a larger facilities management programme which can help to ensure your business and facility is performing at its best. Whether it is a full remodel or refurbishment or just a deep clean and some new additions, improving your facilities management can have a big impact.

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