In the world of retail, appearance is important. Customers visit a store not only to make a purchase but also for the overall experience. This is becomingly increasingly important in the world of the online marketplace; there has to be something inviting about a physical store.

A survey found that 95% of consumers think a stores exterior appearance plays an important part in deciding where to shop, and if you consider the flagship stores for the biggest brands; their stores and store fronts are extravagant, inviting and mesmerizing. Having a memorable store front is inviting to customers as they will flock for the experience of the store, not just to buy goods.

The way a business looks and feels to its customers has a significant impact on a number of things including sales and reputation. If your store is looking tired and run down, customers now have plenty of options and will likely not return. Nowadays, the shopping experience is as important as the items which are being bought, which is why we will cover the importance of improving your retail business’ exterior to help improve visitors to the store, and ultimately improve your bottom line.

Increased Foot Traffic

Having an inviting store front will inevitably attract more customers. If you’re exterior is in good condition and intriguing for consumers it will increase the amount of footfall in your business. If a business looks dirty or unkept on the outside it is unlikely that customers will enter the store and it could deter them from shopping their again. Increased footfall is important, as once you have managed to get customers to inside the store, there are then a plethora of ways to get them to stay and make a purchase.

Increased Loyalty

A positive shopping experience is what keeps customers coming back. As the appearance of a business is crucial to customer opinion, it is understood that an inviting looking store is more likely to receive a customer’s loyalty. If a store experience was negative in any way, the consumer is likely to go elsewhere. In a world where so much can be done online, it is important that physical stores make an effort to keep customers returning.

Increased Sales

Increased loyalty and increased foot traffic will both help to increase sales. Not only that but if customers don’t want to enter the store, you will lose sales. Even if they do enter the store, their view of the exterior will likely have impacted their opinion already and prevented a possible sale.

Improved Brand Reputation

Not only does improving the retail exterior help to attract more customers but it also helps to keep up the brands reputation. If the retail exterior is poor, the brand will be tarnished with that negativity. Whereas an improvement to the store front could give the brand a new lease of life.

Overall, improving the exterior of retail business, will only have positive effects on your business, so it could be time to consider a revamp for your bricks and mortar store.

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