In retail, your profit relies on footfall – people coming through the doors and purchasing the items you have on offer. Unfortunately, there will be times where you will experience issues, which cause you to have to close whilst repairs are undertaken. This can trigger a huge knock-on effect to your bottom line. Similarly, if this starts to occur on a regular basis, it will affect how your customers view the business, and they may end up shopping elsewhere. For this reason, it is essential to have a comprehensive, reactive maintenance plan in place.  This will facilitate in immediately fixing any unexpected problems, with as little disruption as possible.

At MSL, we operate a 24/7 reactive maintenance service for commercial sites. Not only will this ensure you receive rapid responses, but also a cost-effective professional service. We have extensive experience in this line of work. This is due to a workforce that has helped us win the loyalty of several, long-term and high-profile clients.

Here are the top 5 benefits of reactive maintenance in retail:

  1. Lower Initial Costs

Due to the reactive maintenance model, there are not many administrative or financial costs implicated until something goes wrong. Reaction is only necessary when there is a problem. All that is required of you is to know who to call should an issue arise. Expenses which normally go into processes and pre-planning are significantly reduced, as well as initial costs.

A reactive maintenance approach offers quick fixes, made in order to reduce ongoing maintenance costs, and retail clients to spend only when absolutely necessary.

  1. Requires fewer staff

When constant maintenance is reduced, so does the need to have more staff on-site. If you are mainly concerned about responding to issues, this also means you most likely have a smaller workforce, to operate and manage equipment. Running a business on a reactive basis will need less staff to oversee day to day jobs. This will save company payroll, or you can reduce prices to clients and offer more competitive rates.

  1. Minimal Planning

When running a retail enterprise, there are many demands on your time requiring careful planning and logistics. Staff may have to spend time dealing with issues, ringing around trying to find available contractors. With reactive maintenance, it needs little to no planning, as it is only required when the unexpected happens. The most planning you will need to undertake is setting up a point of contact like MSL. Leave the rest to us! We will ensure the right person is sent to you quickly, so your staff can use their time more wisely.

  1. Decreased Risk of Shop Closures

Unexpected issues can disrupt the day to day running of your store, causing you to have to close whilst the repairs are undertaken. Having such a plan in place will mean problems are dealt with promptly, so you can be up and running in no time. You will have more happy and loyal customers this way too!

  1. Peace of mind

Working with a reactive maintenance business will give your company the peace of mind it needs. You can be rest assured that should a problematic situation occur, you have a team on-hand to support you, as soon as possible.

Reactive maintenance in retail can be an effective approach to your upkeep strategy. It requires less money and time to wait for equipment to malfunction, than it does to perform routine maintenance. However, we recommended that you partner this strategy with planned maintenance, for the ultimate breakdown solution. We recognise the retail landscape has changed, and therefore the importance of tailoring to specific needs. Our retail facilities management service will equip you in the best possible way.

MSL have a dedicated 24/7 helpdesk on-hand, to support you when you require immediate assistance.