Man holding a bag with pound sign on it

When it comes to helping to reduce your facility’s outgoings we really know what we are talking about. We offer a range of services that are all aimed at ensuring your business runs efficiently, safely and with as little pulling on the purse strings as possible. Our cost-saving programmes include:

Energy Efficiency

We provide an ESOS service to survey your facility for any energy efficient changes you could make, as well as identifying cost-saving measures to implement. We also have experience in the designing, supplying and installing of new energy efficient lighting systems, as well as upgrading of existing systems, to help reduce your lighting bills significantly.

Planned Maintenance

Planned maintenance is a sure fire way to help save your properties expenditure. Whilst businesses are often put off by the initial set-up costs, overall the savings to your company’s out-goings are considerable. Planned maintenance essentially means that your businesses’ equipment is maintained and serviced regularly, ensuring that any issues are dealt with promptly and unexpected, costly breakdowns or replacements are avoided.



Whilst instances are, thankfully, rare, loss of money through unexpected incidences like break-ins, vandalism and fraud, should always be considered. At MSL we offer a variety of different security measures that we can implement, from CCTV to manned guards, to ensure that your property and assets are protected.

Fire Protection

Fire is something we hope we will never encounter, however, accidents do happen. Our BAFE accredited Safepartner can provide everything your company will need to be as fire safe as possible, from fire alarm systems to fire safety training for staff, helping to prevent the loss of assets that a large fire could lead to.