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As a business owner, hygiene services, such as office cleaning and hygiene supplies, can often be overlooked in favour of more obvious facility issues, like IT or security. However, ensuring that your offices are kept hygienic is essential, for your staff, customers and brand. Utilising a professional Hygiene Service provides the following benefits:



Using a professional hygiene service ensures that your facility is cleaned by fully equipped professionals who know what they are doing, and will carry out any job with precision and dedication. They will also have access to specialised equipment such as high-pressure cleaners to remove tough stains.  At MSL our professional team ensure that every job is completed to your satisfaction, using the correct equipment and liaising with you along the way, should any issues arise.


No Stone Left Unturned

A professional hygiene service will spend time understanding your business, and looking at all aspects that need to be maintained, ensuring that your entire facility is taken care of so you don’t have to worry. Our MSL team will look over your facility and tailor the hygiene and cleaning services to your company’s specific requirements.


Time Saving

Rather than using in-house staff, who may have other jobs to focus on, a professional hygiene team will run all aspects of your office cleaning, including any window cleaning or emergency incidents. Hygiene services may also include installing and stocking bathroom items, removing rubbish and installing air freshener systems, leaving your staff free to concentrate on other aspects of their role.


Money Saving

People often think that employing a regular hygiene service is not cost-effective, however, using a regular, third party cleaning team actually makes sense financially. Whilst you will be paying a regular fee, you don’t need to worry about stocking cleaning services, and every aspect of your facility is taken care of, without you having to employ in-house staff to take on these extra responsibilities.


At MSL, we offer not only regular cleaning services, including office cleans, feminine hygiene disposal and hand drier installation, but are also on hand to help with any ad hoc jobs should they occur, such as fire and flood restoration and window cleaning. To discuss our services in greater detail, please don’t hesitate to call a member of our team on 0333 1234450.