There is no doubt that contracting a preventative/planned maintenance service is a smart move, so your facility is well maintained, and to the highest standard. Not only does this make a great impression on your customers, but it inhibits unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs. Whilst the outgoing costs of setting such a service up may seem high, studies show these expenses actually create a 545% return on investment, making it extremely desirable. Subsequently, a strong case is presented to your business, for establishing a preventative maintenance plan.

Take a look through our guide, to get clued up on everything you need to know:

Is Planned Maintenance Right for Me?  

If you run a large company, ensuring it runs smoothly throughout the year is essential for its success. For many, this means employing the services of a planned maintenance company like MSL. If you are unsure whether it is right for you, ask yourself whether your business could manage an interruption to its everyday operations? For instance, would a leaking roof halt your operation or what would your customers make of unsanitary premises?

Every firm has a responsibility to maintain a safe, clean, and secure environment, for their employees to operate in. Ensuring this will lead to happier staff, greater productivity, and generally, a more profitable operation. Well maintained buildings also provide a lasting return on your investment – whatever their use.


Why Can’t You Just Be Reactive to Problems?

Preventing a problem is better than letting it transpire and then dealing with it. Whilst unexpected issues have a bad habit of cropping up, reactive maintenance is key to any facility’s management strategy (something we can also help with). Ultimately, it is always more cost-effective to address a situation before it develops. This approach will avoid unexpected shutdowns, costly repairs, and loss of profits. Here, a planned maintenance programme really becomes handy.

How to Set Up a Preventative Maintenance Plan

  1. Inventory

If you have not created an inventory of all your business’s assets and equipment already, then now is the time to start. Go through your entire facility and list every item you are including in your maintenance plan. The details you should record are:

  1. Decisions

Once you have created an inventory of all equipment, assess each item as well as the high priority assets, and note their current performance capacity. This will help determine the maintenance schedule. As, some assets will need greater attention or will cause more issues if they breakdown. Therefore, these should be assessed and maintained more frequently.

  1. The Right People

It is important to have people across your whole business who are on-board, and up to speed with your maintenance plan, from upper management to technicians. This means you will have a variety of individuals, tracking the upkeep of your equipment and assets. By them keeping a close eye, it will ensure that any issues are reported quickly.

Similarly, it is crucial that all relevant staff are fully trained, on every equipment they use. Not only will this ensure it is handled correctly, but if any problems occur, a staff member will be quicker to realise and report it.

  1. Set Goals

Decide what goals you have for your preventative maintenance plan. Whether it be monetary, equipment longevity or repair turnaround – set clear aims. Make sure there is also a comprehensive reporting system. This is so all elements of your maintenance plan can be tracked easily.

  1. Know Your Equipment

Spend time getting to know your equipment, whether this is reading its user manual, or speaking to a professional. Understanding how they all work, and what to look for if they begin to behave oddly, is integral in preventing a major breakdown.

How Can MSL Help

We work with you to understand the needs of your business, and tailor a planned maintenance programme suited to your budget. For example, one of the ones we offer is the MSL Forward Maintenance Service. This is where non-critical issues are grouped together and completed in one pre-arranged visit. Therefore, reducing the number of callouts and consequently, the cost. We can also provide a variety of bespoke maintenance services including roofing & guttering, air conditioning, roller shutter and pest control. Often, smaller problems can stack up, leading to bigger issues down the line. We’ll make sure this doesn’t happen!

Read more below about some of the industries we cover and how we can assist:

A well-implemented preventative maintenance programme is like gold. It will assist you in improving reliability within your organisation, whilst also reducing upkeep expenses. When you establish and track this service, the result will speak for itself!

To talk to us more about this programme, or any other services we provide, please give us a call on 0333 1234450.