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The undertakers where sited in a very quiet part of Cambridge, not far from the city centre. MSL provided Reactive Maintenance Services and our Projects Team were invited to offer a solution to a problem to which other companies had failed.


Sometime ago the client had a concrete ramp installed, so they could move the coffins from the lower area up into the chapel of rest by the use of a trolley. Over time the concrete ramp became a Health & Safety issue. There was much discussion as to what the solution could be, either break out the existing and replace with a timber framework etc. MSL came up with a solution by introducing a disabled ramp access system.



1 day


The funeral director at the site had been waiting for some time for a solution to the H&S issue. They contacted MSL who came up with a speedy solution with as little disruption to the funeral directors property and daily duties to operate safely.

When installed and complete we had an e-mail back from the funeral director to say that they were highly impressed with the solution that MSL provided and have had no further issues, since the ramp was installed.