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More than a routine Reactive Maintenance request, our client asked if we could help out with concrete repairs to their busy service yard at their distribution centre.  This would not be a straight forward job and would have its challenges, in particular carrying out the works in a safe working environment.


We were requested to attend a site meeting due to a section of the service yard which had collapsed. This was in the centre of a 24/7 very busy service yard at their distribution centre and in line with delivery bays. The works were agreed and all our Health & Safety paperwork submitted and accepted prior to the work commencing.



2 weeks


The client decided to make the service yard road into a one-way system whilst the work was in progress. They also had to close 4 service bays due to the artic wagons not being able to safely manoeuvre into position.  The concrete used had to be that of highway standard and sample cubes taken of the pour. The results came back after 7 days showing that the concrete had reached strength for the service yard to be re-opened up and resume normal service to the distribution centre. The client was extremely happy with how the project was tackled and delivered safely with the amount of traffic in the service yard.