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We have provided a range of maintenance services to this client’s retail sites throughout the UK, historically. When we got the call to help at their new head office in Stockport for an exciting challenge, we jumped at the chance. The new head offices were close to completion and we had to operate and work around the main contractor to complete this Project “with a difference”.


The client was moving into a new office development where they needed a dog exercise section to the side of the building. We attended site to see if we could help with the request not knowing the urgency of it. We had to get some budget figures over to them that day with an imminent start date. This was in place within 24hrs when we had to commence straight away with the project.



2 weeks


We had to contend with the weather and coordinate the clients deliveries of the equipment (some from the UK and abroad) the completion of the work had to coincide with the client taking occupancy of the new offices. This was achieved and the client and all their staff were highly delighted with what had been achieved in such a short time enabling both staff and dogs to enjoy the area.