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Leeds Canal Wharf


Decommission, remove & replace a boiler.  A detailed survey of the site of the existing boilers and site of the proposed installation of a Blade 115KW Heating and DHW server was carried out. The old boilers that were positioned in the plant room in the roof space on the third floor had to be de commissioned and dismantled then the new one installed.

Photographs of the work:



24 hours – to coincide with the operations of the building and its staff (not having hot water or heating for up to 24 hours).


The works commenced at 03.00hrs in stopping and stripping out the old boilers. The Crane came to site at 06.00hrs and set up with consideration being given for the wind & location of the lift at Canal Wharf Leeds. The old boilers were lifted off the plant room roof. The new boiler delivery came at 07.00hrs and were lifted into position then re connected and commissioned. All the planning and installation worked like clockwork and the site was up and operational by 14.00hrs. The client and all its staff were very complementary in the way the job had been carried out with little disturbance to their operation